CHDB2207: Record date to exercise the covered warrant

The Hochiminh Stock Exchange announces the record date to exercise the covered warrant before the expiry as follows:

− Issuer: MB Securities Joint Stock Company

− Security type: covered warrant

− Warrant name: Warrant CHDB01MBS22CE

− Warrant code: CHDB2207

− Issuer of the underlying security: Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank

− Underlying security code: HDB

− Warrant type (call/put): call

− Issue date: June 07, 2022

− Maturity date: December 07, 2022

− Record date: December 07, 2022

− Reason and purpose: to exercise rights because of expiry  

− Settlement price: Notice later

− Settlement date: December 14, 2022

− Place of implementation:

− For holders whose warrants have been deposited: Holders will fulfill procedures to receive the payment at the securities firms where their accounts have been deposited.

− For holders whose warrants have not been deposited: none.


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